all things blurt!

Interior # 15, 1990

Blurt - Ted Milton - took residence in Bremen. Without a soundcheck and after emptying a bottle of whisky guitarist Chris Vine, drummer Paul Wigens and the singing saxophone playing mastermind took the stage. The response: divided between decisive enthusiasm and likewise decisive rejection, as illustrated by penetrating shouting on behalf of the audience. Slight dissapointment was felt by even the most die-hard fans after the band declined an encore. The shouting for an encore was still resonating as this interview took place.

Interior: The audience is dissapointed. Why didn't you do an encore?

Ted Milton: My saxophone is completely fucked...I couldn't reach the low notes. It's like playing with just half on the instrument. I can't tell you what the reason is, I'll have to get a sax doctor.. .Anyway, the horn produced an inadequate monotony I wanted to spare the audience from.

Interior: On the previous album you still worked with Steve Eagles and Nic Murcott. Why the new line-up?

Ted: Hmmm.. Both of them made too much money and are currently leading a life of leisure in Hawaii.


Interior: Your music could be seen as a monochromatic canvas with contrasting dashes of harsh colour. Is that an adequate comparission?

Ted: It's not my job to describe my own music. That's your job.

Interior: Before the band became active you worked a long time as a puppeteer.

Ted: Yes, for fifteen years. Then I stopped.

Interior: Why?

Ted: I became very frustrated with the Art Audience coming to see my shows. Those were very bourgeois people...I got very annoyed with them.
By coincidence I stumbled upon a saxophone and started with the music. That gave me the oppurtunity to break out of the box I had been working in for fifteen years.