all things blurt!

Interior: You were pretty agressive on stage today, even insulting your audience and your saxophone..Is the stage just the medium?

Ted: Because of the problems with the horn I had a very short night. In a fit of anger I even kicked the train we came in, like a little child would see, we"re very perceptible to failure..Me and the instrument.

Interior: What is music to you?

Ted: It's what I do. I spent a lot of time playing, for instance also in the taxi. It's an obsession.

Interior: Do you have any other projects going at the moment?

Ted: Yes, I'm making books. I became very involved in that.

Interior: Writing books you mean?

Ted: No, manufacturing them.


Interior: And when will the next album be recordedr?

Ted: In june. We'll have finished the tour by then and go to a studio, for the first time in some years. The previous album was a live album.

Interior: You give a very domineering impression. Is there a danger for the other musicians dissapearing into the background? Even on a personal level?

Ted: No, they are phenomenally integrated. We form a very close unit, very tight. The tightest so far....At first the band was more like a backing band, allowing me to play and go berserk, but over the past few years we've developed in a very close unit.

Interior: Thank you for the interview.

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