all things blurt!

V: The concept that anyone can create music...

Ted: I practised on the saxophone for three weeks. At first it went so bad I couldn't play anymore halfway through, my lips went lame. I lacked the physical strenght. But now I'm beginning to notice I've lost something what I used to have then: noises, sounds...Practise doesn't always seem to make perfect...

His contempt for the puppetry- and theatre-scene spills out in the song "Puppeteer":
'Puppeteers of the world unite! Don't make love, make war; Light the paper-maché until your fingers are sore. Puppeteers of the world unite! Don't be cool, be uptight, keep two fingers upright and be a bloody bore...'

But because it's not easy to discern the words when someone spills them out in a rage, and the occasional gesture is merely a hint, the title of a song may come in handy. "My Mother Was A Friend Of An Enemy Of The People" is announced during the gig with "...If you have a mother, you probably have a father too...Oh, that makes sense! I should remeber that one!"



V: Blurt, an enemy to keep as a friend, or no firend at all?

Ted: Maybe I want to express that idea a bit, yeah..although...

Nevertheless, the song is a satire of clichés, like in his lyrics the irony usualy wins from the outrage about how dysfunctinal things can be. Adding that they don't have any political message to convey.


Blurt are about to embark on a three-weeks tour in the United States for the fist time.

Ted: The single is doing quite well over there and Factory Records is quite fashionabe there at present.

V; How did you get in touch with Factory?

Ted: After one of our first gigs in Manchester, Tony Wilson, Factory's Prima Donna, came up to us and told us we should record a single. Which sounded like a good idea to us. A bit later he said it ought to be a full side of an LP.