all things blurt!

Strich # 19 1989

...(cut in)...There was this huge guy on rollerskates on Venice Beach, he probably lived with his rollerskates on, anyway, he claimed he possesed the key to Jimi Hendrix! He lived in the house where Hendrix used to live. When Hendrix died this guy thought he had become Hendrix and took upon him his keyrole!

Strich: That's Venice Beach. I once ran into Jesus there who was smoking a lot of marihuana.

Ted: We were there for some time to negotiate a deal with Slash Records, but ofcourse, it went down the drain once again...They're actually quite succesfull nowadays, aren't they? Anyway, succesfull or not, they have the dough.

Strich; Yeah, the you're from England?

Ted: Yes, but I'm residing in Brussels nowadays. And you?

Strich: Yes; I'm English too, most human nature, per pedal.

Ted: Humanoid ay?


Strich; Okay, well, how long is this tour lasting?

Ted: About a month.

Strich: Which countries?

Ted: Just Germany and France.

Strich: Are you out to promote a record?

Ted: No, not really, We released a couple of records last year, three records were released simultaneously on our German label Heute.

Strich: Your sound is very original, with the three-piece outfit of sax, guitar and drums, but where would you say your roots lie?

Ted: He ha ha!