all things blurt!

E.G.: "Blurt means something like 'talking nonsense', 'flapping something out', er...Are your lyrics mere nonsense or is there a deeper meaning behind them?"

Ted: "Blurt doesn't mean to talk nonsense...There can be a whole lot of meaning in the words, maybe just expressed a little bit unusual."

E.G.: "Is that what you are doing in your lyrics? Blurting thing out?"

Ted: "Sometimes I do, yes, but sometimes they come out very slowly and sometimes I can't even remember them! But most of the lyrics are written beforehand and Blurt just creates an atmosphere around them. "Get" for instance is an example...but most of the lyrics contain a healthy dose of good advice to the young people of today."

E.G.: "What did you do prior to Blurt?"

Ted: "I was a bus conductor!"

Pete: " I was a patient of Dr. Orlondov."

Ted, Jake, Pete: "ORLONDOV!!!!"

E.G.: "What did you think of the local support acts yesterday?"

Ted: "I saw a little bit of the first band (O-Veux, red.), and I thought they were pretty good. I didn't see the second band though. (Das Neufunkd, they played support in Leuven as well and Ted was impressed enough to have a jam session with them.)

E.G.: "You left Armageddon Records and found a new label in Red Flame..."

Ted: "Actually, we're at Red Flame, Test Pressings, Factory, Peoples Records, Sexy Robot Records, Slash, ànd Armageddon! And at Big Balumbas In Burundi! These are all our record companies! We're very greedy about record companies! We want to have a lot of them!"

Jake: " We can't leave them, they're like glue..."

Ted: "In the sense of sniffing glue...we can't leave them because we love to smell them..."