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Chainsaw magazine nr 11 february 1981

This interview took place in the Globe Pub in Covent garden, before one of their Rock garden gigs. Their sound is stark and harsh – simple structures from the drums and guitar coupled with raucous vocals and farting saxophone from Ted Milton.
They are absolutely unique, definitely worth seeing. Ted did suggest tha I interview them one by one – I ended up doing them all at once, but it ended up being the toughest interview I’ve ever had to do – partly because I occasionally got answers that had absolutely nothing to do with my questions. Fellow fanzine writers be warned! Also their mood seemed to change totally when the tape recorder was turned on. I’ll start with something that was actually the last thing that Ted Milton said: “ I do find transcribed interviews are incredibly boring, just like Warhol is indescribably boring, but  at the same time sort of fascinating. I mean… I’m not  personally on edge because of the microphone but if you set it up with several other people, like other members of the band and so forth, it’s not conversation, somehow.”

Here’s the (abridged) interview.

Ted: “I’d like this to be on record now that I absolutely love microphones. I’m in love with myself and then I’m in love with microphones, because they help to amplify myself. Thank you, Charlie. Anyway, here in the globe in London in Covent garden being interrogated by London’s leading underground fifth columnist Charlie – give his a big hand – Chainsaw! Thank you! Over to you, Charlie.
Charlie: “How long have you been going?
Ted: “Fourteen months, thank you, Charlie”
Charlie: “When’s your next single coming out?”
Ted: “That is T.B.A., as they say in the trade, To Be Announced.”
Charlie: “In other words, you haven’t recorded it yet?”
Ted; “Oh, yes, we have. We have begun to do things. It hasn’t been mixed but it’s there in our secret studio in the Cotswolds, adjoining Princess Anne’s estate.”
Charlie: “Is it gonna be on the ‘Test Pressing’ label?”
Ted: “No comment.”
Charlie: “You mean you don’t know?”
Ted: “I don’t know.”