all things blurt!

Boogie For Block.

"Colonel Block dans l'orange, l'orange
C'est la fruit de ma querre, ma querre orange,
Ech? Non. Ech? Non.
Balzac ma bube.
Dans l'enfer communal,
et dans le ciel Episcopal,
De Gaulle, Wilson, et Uncle Tom Cobbley
and all."

Ted Milton doesn't think Blurt are at all popular in England by virtue of the fact that they get work abroad but none in England.

"It's the old question of going where you're not understood and that's where we go down best."
Venues also in Britain seem to hold no attraction for el Blurt, with a special mention going to the managerial types at the Rock Garden where a fight would have ensued the time Blurt played there, if Ted had been more of a flash cock.

Brother Jake and keyboard player Herman Martin are now Blurt, the keyboards taking the place of the original guitar-favoured line-up, with of course, Ted.

Five years since the bands conception has not yielded an undue amount of recordings to stack and as a result – Blurt? Who? Blurt?. "Factory Quartet" (one quarter), "The Ruminant Plinth" (12'') and a self named Lp on Red Flame, - plus Mr. Milton's last solo effort " Love is a Violence", which, deliberate or not, has as much to do with Blurt's manic sax mess as America has to do with peace.

Obviously he can't stay still in person, but what about all this dodging about between record companies?

"I'm a dodgy person, also I like to sample as many different flavours as possible. Basically, I like to eat it as well as smoke it, and so that's why I like to give them all a chance to flavour. You get dull, you know, you get tried of the flavour of one lot so you change around to eat another lot from another lot."

His scorn for record companies continues to manifests itself…

"Basically what happens is that an independent comes along and it expresses an interest in the product so you give them that or you sell it to them. Then really they actually don't want any long term involvement with their performers because it necessitates a responsible attitude.