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Steve Eagles

Steve's first band was punk group Satans Rats, and when he first came upon Blurt he played in punk-pop band The Photos.

"Seeing Blurt perform changed my life" he said later and so after Herman Martin left Blurt he was more than willing to take his place. His debut with Blurt can be heard on the 12" EP "Sharks Of Paradise" and on the live album "Friday the 12th".

Steve brought in a cleaner guitar sound and made more use of effect-pedals and e-bow than his predecessor. He also came up with some wonderful riffs, respecting the original Blurt framework, and brought in some more soundscape-oriented elements, respectfully backing Ted Milton's antics.

Steve left Blurt in 1989 to concentrate on his new band: Bang Bang Machine, but returned as Ted's right hand after Jon Wygens left in 1997. "Being on stage with Mr. Milton can be a real gas", he says, and over the years Steve Eagles has proven to be Ted Milton's most loyal cohort.

If you happen to live nearby Evesham you can hire Steve as a guitar tutor. Time and money wisely spent, I think!

Steve also plays in covers band the Bad Boys.